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Welcome to our kitchen, a small seafood restaurant tucked away at the back of our store that opens for pre-booked private dining events, pop-ups and during some summer weekends for lunch. Our store’s kitchen is currently closed. However, we are hatching plans to provide a new and very exciting pop-up dining experience at a nearby and rather special location – so please do keep an eye out here. If you would like to receive notifications about this via email, then please click here to sign up to our Notices page.

‘The food is prepared with simple exquisite expertise, majoring on fish fresh from the beach. Everything is fresh off the local fishing boats, and is as fresh as it is possible to imagine. There are very few tables; so you can eat in the small room at the back of the shop, in the tiny yard outside, or in the kitchen itself on a table that is an extension of the preparation area – which is like being in a painting, at a table brimming with perfect produce so that you can see the brief menu spread out before you. Every utensil, pot, pan and container is anachronistic – like being in another time before plastic existed, echoing the theme of the shop itself. Even the enormous range looks like it began service in the 18th century. It’s a perfect setting and atmosphere, and an intensely pleasurable place to dine.

Don’t be in a hurry, and don’t expect it to cost less than you would pay in London for great food. Expect a very short menu, different every day, and better quality – one person is cooking, and hand picking the ingredients. Take your time and soak up every flavour.

Wonderful, Eccentric, Charming and Delicious.’

Thank you Abseede of Hastings, who posted this on Tripadvisor 5 April 2014