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iPhone Photography

Social media is now very much part of our daily lives, and is a driving force in today’s world. An Instagram, Blog or Facebook page that is
centred around lifestyle – homes, interiors, food and travel – is now only as good as its images. Alastair has a wealth of information
to share, and on this course he will stress how you can achieve excellent results without fancy equipment or professional paraphernalia.
“Limiting what you have forces you to be inventive, focuses the eye and enhances creativity” says Alastair. “You can take great pictures
on an iPhone – the lenses these days are phenomenal. With the careful use of an app you can snap-and-share professional and arresting images,
and if you’re blogging or Instagramming, this is just-the-job.” He will share the secrets of his ‘Holy Trinity’ – the three winning elements
that make a good picture; and how to ‘Tell a Story’ – achieving an Instagram or Blog page that is strong visually, that adds up. No digital
image is worth its salt without having post-production applied, and Alastair will show you how, demonstrating all his tricks of the trade;
turning your pages into professional magazine spreads. Vital skills for running a retail, hospitality or travel business; and an absolute
must for food and lifestyle Instagrammers and bloggers. It’s easy! But only once you know how.

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Some more questions answered

The course is for iPhone users only

Please bring your iPhone with you and make sure you have “App Store” available on your screen

All props / ingredients are included

Nearby on-street parking is available in Hastings only

Gift vouchers available


Location details

The course starts at 1pm and concludes at 4.30pm.


A G Hendy & Co Home Store

36 High Street

Hastings Old Town

TN34 3ER


No. 2

8 – 13 New Inn Street