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Brush with Nature

Our spring-clean windows are an avifaunal paradise of brushes and dusters exhibited in Norwich canary display boxes. Come view the exhibits, which include: Turdus Migratorius (toilet brush), Scrubbus Vulgaris (scrubbing brush) and Fluffimus Maximus (spot duster). Beavourus Trollopus is currently out on loan.

Bootus Brutus (shoe brush) £9.50  Our classic shoe brushes are made from horsehair and the body from untreated beech, which is sanded to an ultra smooth finish to give the most comfortable grip. Purchase this specimen

Vestimenta Spendimus (clothes brush) £30  A good-looking and efficient clothes brush crafted from oiled pear wood with a core of stiff black bristles accompanied by an outer row of softer white bristles. A thoughtful leather strap enables it to hung by the front door, for that last minute brush-up before heading out. Purchase this specimen

Beardus Obscurus (shaving brush) £14.50 A traditional wet-shave shaving brush with a thick tuft of soft boar set in a beech wood handle that is stained black. Boar hairs are similar to badger, tapered at the tip, which assist in creating the perfect soapy lather. Purchase this specimen

Plumus Minutus (handy feather duster) £15  A small feather duster with a varnished wood handle and leather cuff – and a handy one for a quick whip-round. Purchase this specimen


…there’s no end to our brushes talents. Vintage eggs cups £12 each.