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The Wash House

“The wash house was almost part of folklore. Some of our older volunteers had remote memories of it so we decided to explore more. We weren’t disappointed” said the Director of Middleport Pottery, John Lowther.

This workers’ washroom – possibly the only one of its kind – was unearthed six years ago at Middleport Pottery, having been buried and forgotten by development for a good 60 years or so. It is believed Middleport Pottery was the first pottery factory to provide such a facility for its workers, which was also made available for use by their families on Sundays.


The hidden underground complex of historic washrooms, with its bank of eight Victorian sinks, beautiful brick tiles, and vast ceramic bath, is believed to be part of the original 1888 factory design, and has been recognised as a rare find, an important piece of commercial and social history, and thankfully worthy of preservation.

Now restored, it is open to the public, and is a must-see when visiting the potteries. Middleport Pottery, Port St, Burslem, Middleport, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 3PE

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